About Us

Founder Brian Gilbert, raised in Big Rapids Michigan, a graduate of Arizona State University, got his start in the flooring business working for his brothers at Gilbert Floor Covering in Big Rapids.  After relocating back to Arizona Brian worked at Carpet Corner of Sun City for more than 19 years.  His experience included general sales, estimating, overseeing installations and general manager of the business.

Being his own boss was very attractive to him and with the several years of running someone else’s business, Brain, after countless prayers decided to open his own business.  Picking a name for this brainchild caused some sleepless nights until it finally came to him.  Brian and his wife Luz are raising an eight-year-old granddaughter and nightly prayers are a staple.  During these prayers he always asked God to help him and his family to remember the golden rule: to treat others the way we would want them to treat us.  That is how Golden Rule Flooring and Blinds came to be.

Being in the industry since 1993, Brian has learned that communication with customers, vendors, employees and installers is key to eliminating problems.  The plethora of flooring types and the many types of blinds all have different price points and properties.   Golden Rule is here to communicate pros and cons of these choices leading to informed decisions.  Fitting the budget as well as the needs follows God’s golden rule.  We would rather risk losing a sale, telling you of problems others may have had with a particular product, than make an easy sale and see you dissatisfied after the job is done.

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